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Steamboat to Vancouver

There was a time early in the 20th Century when Puget Sound was laden with steamers plowing the waters to Canada. From the beginning, the Northwest had been water country for many decades before roads went anywhere. But by the early 1900s, steamer cruises to Victoria and Vancouver were grand and familiar entertainments. The boats provided a great escape too from the confines of domestic laws.

Phoebe, the oldest daughter of Edith and Charles Milton was alsways told that she was born a year following the Victoria holiday wedding of her parents. The truth though, was that she was born a few short months past their sojourn to a “chapel” which was really a clerk’s office of a downtown courthouse, the officiating minister not so much the leader of a distinguished congregation as the preacher of the week authorized to collect fees. There were plenty of reasons for the situation, including a family in Cleveland that Edith’s daughters never learned about until after Charles passed away.