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Welcome to Steve’s Place. Writing is both fun and a huge challenge for me, and maintaining this website gives me a chance to share bits and pieces. I’ve a bunch of stuff in mind to write — some of it descriptive, some of it narrative. So the best I can do is hang a framework and tack some related ideas.

I’m retired and shifting gears. I’d love to be able to write a novel or two, and have some ideas, but find it hard to produce narrative. Too often the feedback that I get suggests that my writing style is that of an old prof rather than a co-participant. I’d like to be able to write in a way that we’d go along on a common journey. Instead, too often may readers seem to think that they’ve heard a lesson.

Practice and write. Rewrite and keep at it until you’ve got something that’s worthwhile.

The problem is that I often don’t enjoy the stuff that I’ve written, and sitting to close edits seems like a slog. But I’ll try.

…a little about me…

Son of an electric motor winder and a debate queen from Seattle High Schools, the Iman part of the family were loggers and early settlers on the Columbia. Stepping back they were settlers taking over from French farmers and squatters on Indian land after years of nesting in the Blue Mountains at the headwaters of the Potomac. That wing of the family was an old Swiss line of peace people who settled in Conestoga and out in the reaches of The Susquehanna River where Pontiac had scattered settlers in retribution for early American ways.

Stepping back on my Mom’s side you encounter young girls heading West at the age of 15 in order to homestead along the Coeur d’Alene of Idaho, bank vault engineers of the sort who were traveling men who took down apartments atop fine hotels. And stepping back there were disabled vets from the Civil War, and Ohio farmers who had slowly headed west from New York along the Erie canal. You can meet some of these folks as I become more familiar with them in my research.

A big hand for those of you who will say hello. Just comment — say something and let’s be in touch.

Care and appreciation,

Steve Iman

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